Samala Venu - the wonder conjuror from India’s green and hi-tech state

Samala Venu’s magical story is not hereditary. It is rather a trick of destiny. But it is also an example of his undeterred determination. He stumbled upon this art by chance and picked the threads of magic at the termination point of his career as a rising star in table tennis. He quit his favorite sport due to lack of proper encouragement and he chose the “magical” path after drawing inspiration from a magic show. This was the turning point in his life. Samala Venu was trained under many teachers including the noted P.C. Sorcar. As a novice, he had to undergo much travail in winning the trust of the magicians and had to prove his earnestness in learning the art. This is so because magic is not an art that can be taught to all and sundry. There are high risks involved in this profession, mainly due to its grotesques misuse by some individuals. So the young Venu had to take a pledge before he was initiated into the rigorous art of learning the secret tricks of magic. His first few experiments were at his college, and this gave him the much needed boost to aim higher. Success seemed to be writ large on his face, as the young magicians found magicians found himself ascending his ladder of ambition. He received wide acclaim for his magic in India, and abroad. Most of his shows have been organised for charity.

Guinness Book of World Records

His magical tricks leapfrogged him into the international limelight as he strode into the Guinness Book of World Records in July 1992 for performing a splendid, yet, arduous feat of blindfold driving on a two wheeler for 3,185 kilometers covering all the districts of Andhra Pradesh.

National Youth Award from the President of India

In 1995, he became the recipient of the prestigious National Youth Award for his exemplary and innovative magic shows to create social awareness. Jadu Mahaveer is yet another title bestowed upon him by his fans.

Fashion Magic Show

Samala Venu’s uniqueness lies in his innovative fusion of magic with specific themes. It is a brilliant attempt at an artistic medley. A fine example is fashion magic where fashion models sashay on the ramp and provide the glamour and glitz while magic tricks enhance the mood of the audience. Such shows are well received by the spectators since they are treated to more than just magic!

A creative show such as this requires tremendous hard work and long hours of practice, observes Venu. According to him, magic is a mass communication medium and is solely meant for pure entertainment. On the other hand, hypnotism, which he also practices, is meant to motivate people and to help them overcome certain psychological problems, thereby realizing their true inner potentials. Venu’s ability to communicate to the masses through his magical and hypnotic prowess has attracted them to him just as bees are lured towards a pot of honey. The instantaneous rapport that he builds with the people is also reflects in his PR qualities that has helped him to spread his contacts far and wide. He describes himself as a “public relations magician” and believes that “every artist should possess a PR quality, only then success will be inevitable”.



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