Recreation for street children

FORUM for Street Children held an entertainment programme for street children at Ravindra Bharati on Saturday. The form, which is maintaining a shelter for street children with about 65 inmates provides them free food, clothing and vocational training.

In order to provide recreation to them, the Forum prepared a package of entertainment, which commenced with a group song sung by the street children themselves.

This was followed by a comic playlet, Pandagochidi. The play was penned by Adivishnu and directed by S.Y.N. Patro. The latter also etched out the lead role.

The highlight of the entertainment package was a magic show by well-known magician Prof. Samala Venu.

To start with Prof. Venu performed some routine items and ended with a thriller the ‘trisection of a human being’. In this item, Prof. Venu plus a man in a box, passes two blades of aluminum through him and pushes the middle section to a side apparently slicing the body in three parts. Turning a boy into a girl and the dancing stick were the other interesting items. Children were visibly happy.

Uday Bhasker presented mimicry and ventriloquism and Top Ten, the orchestra, cam up with some top scores giving the children a good time.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Pratap Singh, Secretary of the forum. It was sponsored by HBL Limited.



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