Simply amazing

Abracadabra! His slight of hand leaves the audience gaping

The eyes popped out in disbelief and those little faces looked confused rather amazed, as the doves appeared from nowhere, the umbrella cloth disappeared right in front of the eyes and a little girl emerged on the stage from an empty box.

The show was a grand exercise in psychological hoodwinking, leaving the audience simply astounded. As Samala Venu, a magician, whirled his magical wand, there was nothing the gathering could do but to watch his amazing feats in disbelief.

Mystery was everywhere in the hall at “Magical Mysteries” where the magician, with a world record to his name, bamboozled the gathering at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan. The event organised to raise funds for the Lions Clubs International, elevated fun to a different level. The kids and ladies could not have asked for a better place to be on a Saturday evening.

In the show spanning over two hours, the magician used various equipments and artistes, coupled with equipment and artistes, coupled with dozens of illusions. It started with the well-known “birds-from-nowhere-act”, where he makes doves appear from nowhere. For the kids, it was amazing to see him creating two colourful hats and gifting them to two beautiful ladies. More fun was a little kid emerging from an empty box.

Some of the items might have been familiarized to the public by several other magicians. But the brisk pace and the entertaining way in which they were presented made the difference.

To pep up the evening (perhaps targeting the youngsters), the magic show was interspersed with a fashion show by local models. Few whistles blew out as they walked down the ramp in blacks, reds and all possible hues.


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