Hanki, Banki, Gilli Gilli, Choo
Presenting the Magic Wizard, World Record Holder, National Youth Awardee and Jadhu Mahaveer More..

Magnetic Magician of a pragmatic touch “Samala Venu”
Magic is a blend of action, mine and manipulation of figures. It requires a genius to achieve this blend. Mr. Samala Venu has nurtured and spent 10 years in perfecting this to a wholesome entertainment for all classes. More..

Simply amazing
Abracadabra! His slight of hand leaves the audience gaping
The eyes popped out in disbelief and those little faces looked confused rather amazed, as the doves appeared from nowhere, the umbrella cloth disappeared right in front of the eyes and a little girl emerged on the stage from an empty box.

‘Everyone patronises arts here’
This city loves the Arts
Hyderabadies are very good patrons of magicians and artistes. From children to adults, everyone patronises arts in this beautiful city.

Innovative fusion
A fusion of fashion and magic was presented at an interesting show at the Nizam Club. S. Nagesh Kumar writes – Magical Mysteries More..

Glamorous Magic!
It was magic in the garb of fashion; magic in the mood of fashion; and magic with the creativity of fashion – a brilliant attempt at an artistic medley, says DEEPA ADHIKARI about ace magician Samala Venu’s magic and fashion show ‘Magic Mysteries’ More..

A hypnotic effect indeed!
Samala Venu is not just a magician, but he has also cured many psychological ailments through his knowledge of hypnotism. He admits that no one can be unwillingly hypnotized. The subject’s willingness is a necessary precondition for successful hypnotism. More..

Samala Venu - the wonder conjuror from India’s green and hi-tech state
Samala Venu’s magical story is not hereditary. It is rather a trick of destiny. But it is also an example of his undeterred determination. More..

PR man to present magic show
What is a public relations manager of a Logistics company doing in the field of magic? Samala Venu, Manager, Public Relations, Gati Limited (one of the logistics management companies) More..

Magician holds audience spellbound
MUSCAT – Renowned Indian magician Samala Venu held his audience spellbound on Thursday with a brilliant performance at Le Grande Hall of Mercure Al Falaj Hotel. More..

A Magical Fashion show
Samala Venu performing with one of the models, at a unique fashion-cum-magic show, in the Nizam Club, recently, More..

The man with the magic wand
This veteran has performed in umpteen stage shows in different parts of the country. His repertoire includes just about everything, from sawing people into halves to the perennially popular card tricks More..

Abracadabra Gili Gili Choo
Magic has always enthralled people Jaya Joshi discovers schools of magic in the city where children are taught the art More..

Recreation for street children
FORUM for Street Children held an entertainment programme for street children at Ravindra Bharati on Saturday. The form, which is maintaining a shelter for street children with about 65 inmates provides them free food, clothing and vocational training. More..

Magician who is also a human being
MAGIC is a blend of action, mime and manipulation of figures. It requires a genius to achieve this perfect blend. Samala Venu has nurtured and spent 10 years in perfecting this to a wholesome entertainment for all classes. More..

Spreading magic to the rural masses
The pot is on the fire! One of Venu’s favourite tricks
Venu toured the State on a scooter, blindfolded

Publicity & Magic
Magic is one of the irresistible forms of human entertainment from times immemorial. All folk literature is replete with stories of magic. More..

Free summer camp in magic, folk dance
Minister for Youth and Sports D. Pranay Bhasker inaugurating on Tuesday the free summer camp for youth organised by Roshni Vidya Vikas and the Directorate of Youth Services. Magician Samala Venu and Director of Youth Services B. Kashinath are also seen. More..

The Blind Folded Rider
About the Artiste of the Day

Meet a Magician who can ride scooter blind-folded for miles together. Dancing with cane, cut your neck and restores it. More..

Magician rides into Guinness Book!

Another feather in his cap: Samala Venu performing his plume trick

Hyderabad’s magician Samala Venu has created a record of sorts. More..

Trip to Lahore to strengthen ties

Abracadabra! Samala Venu makes a Pakistani Delegate open an Indian flag from a white cloth More..

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