Magnetic Magician of a pragmatic touch “Samala Venu”

Magic is a blend of action, mine and manipulation of figures. It requires a genius to achieve this blend. Mr. Samala Venu has nurtured and spent 10 years in perfecting this to a wholesome entertainment for all classes.

Born in Hyderabad on 6th July, 1967 in an exemplary and well disciplined family, the wizard of sparking smiles and enthralling, magic tricks, Samala Venu is an outstanding magician and hypnotist. He could set world records with 36 hours of non-stop magic show and blind folded riding on a Kinetic Honda for 3,186 kms within 17 days. Thus, Venu entered “GUINNESS BOOK RECORDS” and also “LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS”.

Venu stands as a mighty tower of Magic Art that can inspire and mobilize a number of voluntary organisations, but for a noble cause of human upliftment in fact a tint of his inner zeal touches the core of the quotation.

“Light up a service deed, to putout a selfish need”

Young and dynamic magic man Samala Venu, with his matchless taste in cultural, social service and philanthropic spheres puts forth untiring efforts through his gigantic talent of magic and hypnotism. The deep insight and outward activity results, but for the benefit of fellowmen, which Paves the way for the national integration, the development of the individual and society. Venu has given more than 1500 shows throughout India and in Canada, London & France as well as in Hyderabad and on Delhi Doodharshan too.

The dramatic magician Samala Venu can ride Scooter blindfolded for miles together, cut your neck mercilessly, but restores it with a miraculous magic trick. Dazzles by dancing with a cane. He can land the audience in wonder world by wriggling out from tight hand-cuffs. The magic man can swallow blades and can smile sweetly. The magnificent Magician Samala Venu can change the colours of the rabbits. The fountainhead of entertainment Samala can also multiply balls apart from Scores of breath taking pieces of entertainment.

Sportsman turned Magician

‘Art is the heart and mind of the artist. In the light of this maxim, Venu’s inner world can be seen to find out the facts of great interest. The multifaceted personality, Samala endowed with the spirit of a Sportsman in the early years of his education, was tremendously impressed with his Guru’s magic programmes, that is none other than the unique Magician Prof. B.V. Pattabhi Ram. Smiling Samala Venu’s association with magic is since 1982. Venu’s form and content of marvelous magic was chiseled into perfect cuts under the able guidance of B.V. Pattabhi Ram which has proved that, “a great teacher can produce a great disciple”. The centre of learning being Andhra Balanandam Magic and Hypnotism school, Samala Venu the Magician and Hypnotist could give his maiden magic performances at a tender age of 14 years, when Venu could just complete his 10th class triggered himself into the world of Magic to set new world records. Venu’s Magic Show coincides with the music flow of Murali, which stands in his name. Samala’s magic entertainment contains enthralling, enchanting, hair-raising and spine-chilling items like making coffee on head, Mass hypnotism, mind reading and “Striking Jokes of lovely humour”. His magic power changes the water into flowers, water Vanishes from the tin, coins production, the magician takes out water from ear, puts up a brilliant show with a specialised skill in rope tricks and produces rabbits and pigeons out of thin air and so on and so forth.

Awards bagged

A down to earth illustrious personality with unlimited dynamism, Samala Venu harvested a bouquet of laurels by a systematic, disciplined and progressive means. Awards have followed him by recognizing his genius of magic art. His artistic enthusiasm and dedication have moved deeply and widely, across a broad spectrum of social, cultural and educational spheres.

Dashing magic man Venu has first attended “All India Magic Conference” in Bombay in 1985 when he had hardly completed 17 years and was honoured with the “Active Magicians Award” after that, he also attended number of magic conventions which were held in cities of Calcutta, Delhi, Orissa, Jaipur, Bihar, Quebec city, Canada, etc. His contributions could add some more feathers in his cap for bagging prizes, Awards and appreciation certificates by the great star-warts like P.C. Sorcar, K. Lal and International President Mr. Obie O’ Brien.

“SAARC MAGIC FESTIVAL” was held first time in India at Calcutta. In this festival Samala Venu was honoured with the prestigious Sri Lanka Magic Circle Honorary membership.

Award is the replica of merit. Award is the product of intelligence and industry. To establish these views Venu stands smilingly before us. In the series of Awards Venu has also received Best 1986 “MAGIC AWARD” on 31st March 1987 at the Awards Function held in New Delhi by Society of Indian Magicians. He has won the Award of “CULTURAL AMBASSADOR” of 1986-87 from Arts and Science College, Osmania University. His talent of Magic could bag “Successful Magic student Award” from Andhra Balanandam Magic School, Hyderabad.

In 1992 the Prestigious Award of the Government of Andhra Pradesh “State Youth Award” was presented to him besides many Awards that are presented by Hon’ble Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh, Governors of Andhra Pradesh and famous Cine Artists.

Venu also has won “OUT STANDING YOUTH AWARD” by “Junior Chamber”, Hyderabad and “NOTED MAGICIAN AWARD” from Delhi Telugu Academy and appreciation awards from various cultural organisations like, ABHINANDANA, Sadhana Shita…, Bellam Venu Madhav Art theatre, Balu Art Theatre, etc.

Venu the Hypnotist

A man of iron will power, Samala Venu there is no wonder that, he can learn and master the art of Hypnotism too. Venu can treat the psychological imbalances of a person and can increase the memory power and self-confidence. So far, Venu could treat with his hypnotic tricks and techniques nearly 100 subjects of different problems efficiently and effectively. His unique style and presentation of mass hypnotism could catch the attention of audience induced with full of Sensation. His meritorious and highly appreciable hypnotic performance was greatly commended by the press, public and various organisations. Venu gave lecture on magic and hypnotism on Radio and Doordarshan.

Widely toured Samala Venu

Venu toured throughout India by performing marvelous magic and hypnotic shows which have tremendously impressed the audience. On invitation extended by International Brotherhood of Magicians, Venu has attended the “65th International Annual Convention” held in beautiful Quebec City, Canada. In the convention he was presented with “Appreciation Magic Award”. Venu also traveled across France, London and Canada besides traveling across the breadth and length of India. By duly recognizing the worth and talent in Venu, Doordarshan of Hyderabad and Delhi invited him to give programmes on Television. Canada Television too telecasted the interview of Samala Venu. The interviews and lectures of Venu were also broadcasted on Radio.

Samala Venu Social Worker Too

Besides his busy Artistic life, he also does a good deal of social work. Venu has donated blood for Noble cause many times and also acted in Doordarshan documentary for propagating blood donation. He has mobilized the youth and took a lead to serve flood for fluid victims at Machilipatnam and Nellore through Indian Red Cross Society, Andhra Pradesh branch as an Executive Member and Life Member.

He has given many fund raising programmes for the disabled, physically handicapped organisations, mentally retarded institutions, deaf and dumb institutions, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs of different places and also extended to Indian Leprosy Organisations by conducting his “Charity Shows”.

Venu has also given lectures on Human development activities, personality development, National Integration. Besides these activities he has mobilized pledging of eye donations. He has conducted medical camps in slum and rural areas through Social organisations like, Vivekananda Yuva Kendra, Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, SCRAM’s Amity International, Indian Red Cross Society, YMCA, etc.

Venu has won the appreciations and merit awards for Social work by His Excellency Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Ministers and dignitaries. He also visited Red Cross at France and YMCA of Canada and London to exchange social and cultural aspects to strengthen the relation among nations.

Happy Family of Samala

Samala Venu is the proud Son of Sri Samala Srinivas who is an Asst. Engineer by profession and Smt. Samala Suguna. Venu’s brothers Samala Murali and Samala Praveen Kumar cooperate Venu in performances that are being given from time to time.

Happily married recently to Samala Madhavi, Venu also enjoys a happy homely like and receives a great encouragement from the family members.

Venu’s Association with a number of Social, Cultural and Voluntary Organisations

Venu is closely associated with the following organisations


1) Society of Indian Magicians – Delhi
2) Bharat Magic Circle
3) AP Magic Academy
4) International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA
5) Indian Brotherhood of Magicians, Delhi
6) Indian Magic Circle, Calcutta
7) Indo-Rajasthan Magical Society, Jaipur
8) Andhra Pradesh Magic Association
9) Indian Red Cross Society, Life Member
10) Scrams Amity International
11) National Institute of Social Action
12) Balu Arts Theatre
13) Indo-Soviet Cultural Organisation (ISCUS)
14) Andhra Balanandam Sangham
15) Sri Lanka Magic Circle, Sri Lanka
16) Public Relations Club, Executive Member
17) Vivekananda Yuva Kendra
18) Chinmaya Yuva Kendra

Thus, Mr. Samala Venu a unique magician is an exemplary personality of magic, hypnotism and priceless human values.




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