Magic, as we now know, is an illusion. The Magician creates the idea that he is performing an impossible task, a trick, which defies explanation. But, it really is just a trick and as such is very possible.

There are different types of Magic Acts:

Close-up Magic, Club Magic, Stage Magic and Mentalism.
Close up magic employs sleight of hand tricks, like vanishing coins and card tricks.

Club Magic employs the use of live animals and props such as silks, balloons, or ropes.

Stage magic employs the use of specially crafted cabinets and props to be used to create the illusions. Machinery may be employed by the illusionist to carry out his acts.

Mentalism is the art of mind reading. The mentalist supposedly reads the minds of people in his audience.

The magician is an actor, an illusionist, who diverts the audiences attention away from the real trick, that which is actually happening . He pretends to be doing the impossible, right before your very eyes, but distraction is the real trick. It is imperative that he manipulate his audience into believing what they think, they see, by controlling their attention. Misdirection is his best skill. Sometimes mechanical or scientific props are necessary for some of his visual tricks.

Timing is also important to the Magician. Sometimes it's used to trick the audience into believing the trick is taking place in real time when the deception has taken place earlier.

Equipment designed to aid the magicians performance is available. Although, some of what you see on stage really is window dressing, for looks only, and has nothing to do with the trick at hand.


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