Innovative fusion

A fusion of fashion and magic was presented at an interesting show at the Nizam Club. S. Nagesh Kumar writes – Magical Mysteries

“Magical mysteries”, a medley of fashion by professional models and magic by Samala Venu, was held for the first time in Hyderabad recently.

Samala Venu, whose achievements like blindfold driving of a two-wheeler find mention in the Guinness Book of World Records, conceived this fusion of fashion and magic when he gave a show along with Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in California a few years ago. This show was a hit and Venu rehearsed for nearly two months along with 13 professional models, both male and female, before embarking on his latest venture at the Nizam Club here.

Displaying his sleight of hand in 16 different tricks, he coordinated each sequence as the models who sashayed down the catwalk. The highlight of the show was the “jungle sequence” in which a women is carried on a pole a “jungle”. She is placed on a table which the magicians and others slowly remove leaving the woman apparently “floating” in mid-air.

Venu said the 90 minute show, choreographed by Prashant Surya, was done without help from any of his assistants as the models themselves helped him even as they presented traditional and modern wear. Before walking down the ramp, they would take an umbrella from him which would turn into a stick when they approached the audience, a bouquet would be created out of nothing and dove would appear as if from nowhere. The climax came in the form of three separate scarves of green, white and saffron colours merging together to form the national colour of one metre by two metre size. The show was compered by Anita Apte while Manor and Tasleem desgined the models clothes.

Samala Venu, who has given performances in 13 countries, said the audiences enjoyed the show in expectation of something new, either from the models or from him. This fusion would make fashion would make fashion shows lively affairs not restricted only to hand waving by the models. Fashion pundits and choreographers could take a cue from this show.


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