Magician who is also a human being

MAGIC is a blend of action, mime and manipulation of figures. It requires a genius to achieve this perfect blend. Samala Venu has nurtured and spent 10 years in perfecting this to a wholesome entertainment for all classes.

Hyderabad born Venu is a n outstanding magician and hypnotist, working with the private sector Transport Corporation of India. He has set World Record with 36 hours of non-stop magic show and rode blind-folded on a Kinetic Honda for 3,186 kilometers in 17 days.

Thus, Venu entered the Guinness Book of Records and Limca Book of Records.

Venu’s art inspires and mobilizes a number of voluntary organisations for noble causes, which reveals a tint of his inner zeal for serving humanity.

Venu has given more than 1,500 shows throughout India, Canada, London, France and the United States. He has performed on Doordarshan too.

While performing, Venu has the capability of dazzling you. He can cut your neck mercilessly, but restore it almost miraculously! He can wriggle out from tightspots glike handcuffs with ease and grace. He can change the colour of rabbits.

Venu is not just a magician, he also an entertainer, who produces rabbits and pigeons out of nowhere.

A man of iron willpower, Venu has learnt the art of and mastered hypnotism also. He can treat psychological imbalances in a person and can increase memory power and self-confidence.

With his hypnotic techniques, Venu has treated nearly 100 people of different problems efficiently and effectively. His unique style of mass hypnotism could catch the attention of an audience and induce them with sensation.

Venu has bagged many awards, including the ‘State Youth Award’ in 1992 instituted by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from being a magician, Venu also does a good deal of social work. He has donated blood and highlighted the importance of donating blood on Doordarshan.

He has mobilized the youth to help the flood victims at Machilipatnam and Nellore through the Red Cross of Andhra Pradesh as an executive member and life member.

He has given many fund raising programmes for the disabled, physically handicapped, mentally retarded, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and also charity shows for the leprosy organisations.



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