Hanki Banki  Gilli Gilli  Choo

Presenting the Magic Wizard, World Record Holder, National Youth Awardee and Jadhu Mahaveer

He is enchanting. He pleasantly mesmerizes you with his hypnotic spell. He is the only man who has entered the Guinness Book of World Records and Limca Book of Records for performing a Marathon 36 hours non stop magic show and for riding a scooter blindfold for more than 3000 kms. He dazzles by making a cane dance according to the beats of the Music. He can quickly wriggle out from tight handcuffs. He creates beautiful Doves and Rabbits from nowhere. He cuts your neck mercilessly but restores it with a miraculous magic trick. His rapport with the audience is instantaneous in various events which involves the active participation of both children and adults in the gathering.

Can you guess who he is?

Yes, you’re right! He is none other than the enthralling Magic man Samala Venu. The gem of a person: The city of Pearls, Hyderabad which has been a motherland of many a great personality has been the proud land to produce this wonder man Samala Venu. Born in a well disciplined family, Venu developed a keen interest towards this art of magic ever since he was a young boy. He has nurtured and spent over a decade in perfecting this exemplary art which has exalted him to become a proficient figure in the field of magic. His consistent enthusiasm and deep dedication supported him to create wonders which have since then enthralled audience of all ages.

Apart from being an extremely talented magician, Samala Venu is a man of many facets. He has been actively involved with several social service organisations. He has presented several shows to raise funds for natural calamities and for charitable institutions like Red Cross Society, Lions Club, Rotary Club, YMCA, etc.

Samala Venu has acquired reputation as a versatile individual. Being philanthropic in his ideas Samala Venu strived to innovate new ways to develop social awareness among the public through interesting magic tricks.

Being a crowed puller right from his first performance Samala Venu has attracted the audience with his magic talent, performing more than 2500 shows throughout the world and also featured in the Magic shows telecasted by Indian, American and Canadian Television. His authenticity in the field of magic was well appreciated by the audience in India, Canada, Mauritius, Muscat, France, U.S.A., London and many other countries.

He was also invited to attend the International Magic Festival organised by Brotherhood of Magicians at Canada and U.S.A.

The Hypnotist Venu – A man of iron will power Samala Venu has learnt and mastered the immense power of hypnotism to help people alleviate Psychological difficulties. He inspires and motivates people to realize their true infinite potential. He has been guiding people lead a path of personal growth, success, peace and fulfillment.

His unique style in performing mass Hypnotism catches the attention of audience. His meritorious and highly impressive hypnotic performances were greatly acclaimed by the press, public and various organisations.

Venu has presented several demonstration lectures and programmes on magic hypnotism on Radio and Television.

He is a true disciplinarian who believes that hard work and dedication are the stepping stone to attain success. Samala Venu stands before us as an ambitious learner who has dedicated his life to discover the potential of magic and hypnotism with a firm decision to make it a scientific and entertaining art of this generation and future too!




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