Glamorous Magic!

It was magic in the garb of fashion; magic in the mood of fashion; and magic with the creativity of fashion – a brilliant attempt at an artistic medley, says DEEPA ADHIKARI about ace magician Samala Venu’s magic and fashion show ‘Magic Mysteries’

On March 14, 1998, the green laws of the Nizam Club was host to a unique medley of fashion and magic. It was fun and dine and swaying to the tunes of show. Sponsored by Naizam Club and Gati Pagers, choreographed by Prashant Surya, costumes designed by Manoj (who is also working on costumes for film projects) and Tasleem (whose designing capabilities can be seen in the Kalanjali showroom), the magical hours were presented by none other than the young magician and National Youth Awardee, 1995, Samala Venu.

Like the tricks of his trade, his career too took many a strange turn. A rising star in table tennis, he had to quit the sport for lack of proper encouragement, and almost by accident he stumbled on to magic. He learned from many teachers, P.C. Sorcar included. He knew that, he had found the vocation of his life – the want that, had equipped him with the power to entertain the young and old, rich and poor alike. “Here lies the greatness of magic it is for every one”, he says. Today magic is his passion and profession.

It was his bright idea to introduce fashion into his magic show, not only for the glamour it imparts, but for its functionality as well. He conceived a show where the models on the ramp would provide the glitz and glamour and enhance the mood of his magic. And the show marked its success if not for all that was created in thin air, then certainly because of its ingenuity. The first two sequences were pure fashion wherein amateur young girls and guys presented some formal lines. Lehangas and cholis in white and red, salwar kameezes in pale greens and blues, short and black formal summerwear, trousers, dhotis and ethnic accessories.

Thereon, the show paced up. It was magic in the garb of fashion, magic in the mood of fashion, and magic with the creativity of fashion – a brilliant attempt at an artistic medley. To the tunes of Deep Forest, the models carried in girls who were to remain suspended in air. Amidst the sashaying on the ramp, bouquets were created out of nothing, umbrellas turned into sticks, doves and pigeons were seen flying, shadows created illusions, sticks danced, and impossibilities mesmerized the audience.

The magician presented 16 items in all of gilly gilly choo. The finale marked the creation of the national flag out of scarves, commemorating the 50 years of our Independence. Must say that patriotism has not left fashion untouched! And it has touched magic too, at that.

The night was on, and the audience blissfully relaxed and unaware of the time. It was not before 11.30 pm that the magic wand waved its final goodbye.

The audience had a gala time waiting for the show to begin. For them it was worth the wait for Samala Venu never disappointed them with his magical performance.



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