The Blind Folded Rider

About the Artiste of the Day

Meet a Magician who can ride scooter blind-folded for miles together. Dancing with cane, cut your neck and restores it. Wriggle out from tight hand-cuffs, Swallow blades, change the colours of the rabbit, multiply balls and perform scores of breath-taking pieces of entertainment.

He is Jadhugar Samala Venu, Magician & Hypnotist.

Association with Magic

His association with magic is since 1982, learned it at Andhra Balandam Magic and Hypnotist school, Hyderabad under the guidance of Prof. B.V. Pattabhi Ram. Venu has given his first Magic performance at a very young age of 14 years at the time when he just completed his 10th class. Venu got interested in this art by watching his guru’s programme at Ravindra Bharati when he was in 7th class, up to 10th class he is a very good sportsman. Then he was inspired by his guru’s performance and started learning this art of magic. He has also undergone Hypnotism on the stage by his guru. Further more Venu has completed his 1000 magic & hypnotism programmes through out India. Venu’s lectures on supernatural powers, hypnotism, ESP and sixth sense were broadcast by All India Radio and many of his shows were telecast by Hyderabad Doordarshan.

Venu is closely associated with and an active member of many national and international Magic, social and cultural Associations. He first attended All India Magic conference at Bombay in 1985 when he was 17 years old and was given the ‘Active Magician’ award. Venu has attended many magic conventions which were held in the cities of Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay, Jaipur, etc. In these conventions, he won many prizes. Awards and appreciation certificates by P.C. Sorcar and K. Lal Magician Venu also attended “SAARC Magic festival” which was held for the first time in India at Calcutta. In this festival, he has received “Sri Lanka Magic Circle Honorary Membership” from the president of the circle.

Venu has also received 1986 ‘Magic Award’ at the Award function held at New Delhi on 31st March, 1987. “Active Magician Award” at Bombay, “Cultural Ambassador” from Arts and Science College (OU). “Successful Magic Student” from Andhra Balanandam Magic School, Hyderabad and many appreciation awards awarded by Ministers & Cine Actors. Venu also received “State Youth Award” given by Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1992. “Outstanding Young Award” by Junior Chamber Hyderabad of 1991-92.

Encouragement to Venu

He was encouraged by his renowned guru and also by his parents. Especially Osmania University, when he was doing his graduation encouraged him by sponsoring him to attend Magic conventions and competitions held at different places in India. Venu is interested in cultural activities from the beginning. He was elected as ‘Cultural Secretary’ (1986-87) of P.G. College, Secunderabad from where he was graduated.

Young and dynamic Magician Samala Venu, born in Hyderabad on 6th July, 1967, in a well-disciplined family. His father, Sri Srinivas, is an Asst. Engineer (R & B). Venu has passed his matriculation from Nrupathunga High School, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and studied M.Sc. at P.G. College, Secunderabad (OU).

Venu Hypnotist too

Venu not only a Magician but also a Hypnotist, with which he can treat the Psychological effects of a persons and will increase the memory power and self-confidence. So far Venu as treated nearly 100 subjects of different problems. He has created sensation every where and was very highly appreciated by press, public & cultural organisations.

Records Created

i) Venu entertained the audience for 36 hours with a non-stop magic show were without repetition of items started at 6 pm on September 7, 1991 to 8th September, 1991, 6:00 pm

ii) Venu rode blindfolded for 3,186 kilometers on a Kinetic Honda Scooter covering 23 districts of Andhra Pradesh. He began his marathon journey at 8 am on 8th December, 1991 and completed it on 24th December, 1991.

(With this records Venu entered into Guinness Book Records and also Limca Book of Records)

About Magic Show

His show contains enthralls, hair raising and spine chilling items like, Mass Hypnotism, cutting a man’s head and joining, mind reading, making coffee on head, driving scooter blind fold, and funny and fantastic items like, water of India, changing the water into flowers, printing of rupee notes, taking out water from ear, specialised in rop tricks, production of rabbits and pigeons from air, and so many so forth.



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