A magical fashion showd

Samala Venu performing with one of the models, at a unique fashion-cum-magic show, in the Nizam Club, recently

“Magical Mysteries”, a unique medely of fashion and magic, also the first of its kind in India was held at the Nizam Club lawns in Hyderabad recently.

The show was organised by Samala Venu, a Magician par excellence, Guinness Book of World Record Holder and National Youth Awardee. The show introduced fashion into his magic, not only for its glamour but also for its functionality.

Samala Venu conceived a show where the models on the ramp would provide the glitz and glamour and enhance the mood of his magic.

The audience was left mesmerized and the show is bound to become a watershed in the fashion world. This could be eye-opener to make ramp-walking to models to be more creative.

The evening began with pure fashion where in models presented traditional and formal wear, both for women and men. The show picked up pace when magic started and Venu began his tricks. Amidst the sashaying on the ramp, bouquets were created out of nothing, umbrellas turned into sticks, doves and pigeons were seen flying from nowhere, shadows created illusions, girls were floating horizontally in the wizard’s ring and sticks danced. Models enjoyed performing in these weird impossible scenes. It was a “never seen before” scene.

The audience enjoyed every minute, as they sat glued to their seats. This is a new way of making fashion shows more exciting than the otherwise not be a dull and drab affair, with only ramp walking and hand waving. Models Vidhya Naidu, Sunitha Madhulika, Randeep, Sarika Jaiswal, K. Nikitha, Shafali Jaiswal, Parvez, Mohd. Muzeeb Rabbu and Visha Sachdev participated. Mr. George provided the light and sound effects whereas Mr. Prashant Surya choreographed the show.



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